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Remember that your kid's safety always comes first at Cre8tive Partiez & Cakez! Always ensure that adult supervision is available at all times. Kids may sometimes do foolish things to impress their friends at a birthday party, but these actions may lead to injury or worse.

Here are a few useful tips while having a group of kids at your residence:

  • Balloons are an essential part of a kid's party. Make sure that popped balloon pieces are removed from the playing area to avoid from being swallowed by a minor.
  • Basic CPR is beneficial to anybody. Complete a basic course or do some research on how to perform CPR in emergencies.
  • Knowing the Heimlich Manoeuvre is also a great skill to have when it comes to saving someone's life in case of suffocation. Use the link below to get more guidance on doing CPR.
  • Find out if any kid attending a birthday party at your residence has epilepsy, asthma, diseases or allergies. Knowing these facts may save someone's life or even spare you from some embarrassment.
  • Have an emergency contact number available for every kid attending the party. Anything can happen at any given time and the parents of the kid must be informed in case of emergencies. Below is a link on how to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre.
  • For more information about "kids safety", click on the links below to download guides to the Heimlich Manoeuvre and how to perform CPR:

Kids Party Planners CPR Guide

Decorative Cakes Tzaneen

Kids Party Planner Tzaneen Header


Great for any occation!

 R18.50 for 125ml Glass jar with mini fork or spoon!

Flavours: vanlla,chocolate,chocolate fudge,

strawberry,redvelvet,tutti fruity,redvelvet

 We spesialise in Cake designing and sugar art,




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